What are infographics anyway?

Kirsty_Walden– Posted by Kirsty Walden
Over the last few months it’s been impossible not to notice the wealth of new words that have popped up in everyday speech – from ‘selfie’, ‘twerking’ and ‘totes-amazeballs’ it seems like the English language is having a bit of a growth spurt!  There’s one word in particular we keep hearing over and over again in meetings both internally and with our clients – infographic.

There seems to be a wealth of different interpretations for the term – some clients use the word when they’ve created a logo, some when they’d like some design applied to some numbers or stats and others when what they’d like to see is a graphic metaphor that communicates all sorts of clever messages through images.

At BB&A,we’re great believers in the old adage that ‘every picture tells a story’, and whether it’s a logo, graphic or ‘infographic’ the right combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion is a powerful communications tool whether you call it an infographic or not…

Here are a few examples of visual communications we love…