A creative engagement and learning consultancy

We are passionate about helping organisations to engage their people in improving business performance.

Since 2007, our award-winning team has been working with clients to shift the way their people think, feel and behave in order to transform the way their organisation works.

We work hard to get under the skin of our clients’ challenges

Digging deep to understand the nub of the problem they need to solve, then developing the best solution to involve their people in conversations about why behaviours need to change, what needs to change and how they can change.

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From workshops and team meetings to toolbox talks, e-learning, animations and communication campaigns, our interactive approach involves people in offices, on the shop floor, in the field and at home.

We are a genuine, assured, creative and down-to-earth bunch

Bringing together skills from a diverse range of backgrounds including communications, learning and development, organisational effectiveness, management consultancy and creative design.