Travelling safely around the world

BP needed to ensure that all employees needing to travel were doing so as safely as possible.

We developed an e-learning programme which turned ‘dry’ travel advice and policies into an engaging and memorable learning experience.

A travel simulation

We approached the whole course as a simulation with participants helping to advise a fictional animated traveller, ‘David’, to complete his journey as safely and as healthily as possible.

Participants advised him on getting travel clearance, what to pack, what checks to carry out at the airport, on the plane, in his hotel room and when he was out and about. The course used different techniques such as ‘hotspot’ areas on visuals and animation and comprehension sequences where they watched first before answering questions on what they had observed.

A mandated requirement across BP

TravelSafe e-learning is now a mandatory requirement for all 80,000 BP employees prior to travelling for the business, and it has received fantastic feedback from staff at all levels of the organisation.