Safety Matters, induction for managers

Christie’s wanted to engage all their managers around the world in shifting their business towards a more sustainable safety culture. We developed a bespoke health, safety and security e-learning programme that was perfect for their working environment.

Making it real for managers

In order to engage managers, the programme had to reflect their reality. This meant working closely with Corporate Security and Safety and a cross-section of their leadership team to really understand their culture and the challenges they face.

The 30-minute modular programme follows a fictional sale from initial contact with the client through to completion. Managers identify risks, consider how to reduce or eliminate them and explore some of the dilemmas they or their colleagues may face along the way.

To keep people engaged, the programme employs a variety of activities, techniques, functionality and changes in pace to keep things moving and enable people to get involved, rather than simply reading and clicking through content.

Training that engaged!

“Thought this was really good – relevant, not patronising and kept me interested throughout.”

“I thought it was simple and effective, with a lot of good advice. I will encourage my team to complete it.”

“This was a great training programme. It was interactive, which made it fun, and highly informative.”