Helping colleagues to take care during COVID-19 pandemic

Rolls-Royce wanted to ensure that every employee had easy access to clear information about how to take care of themselves and others during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Working closely with Rolls-Royce business continuity and health and wellbeing colleagues we developed a suite of communication tools to help ensure colleagues adapted the way they worked in order to reduce risks of infection.

From posters on washing hands and how to home isolate, to guidance on what to do if a colleague has symptoms, and to how to stay mentally well during the outbreak.

The initial engagement phase was followed with the development of a wide suite of engagement tools to help prepare sites and employees for how to work safely together in a post lockdown environment.

We created interactive guides and checklists for site leaders and managers, behavioural nudge communication, posters, an animated video and team conversation tools for reaching employees.

The tools we created were translated into multiple languages and quickly deployed around the world.

“A huge THANK YOU to you and the team for everything you have done for us this week – both in quality and patience along the way. I can’t quite believe how much we have got through in one week. You guys ROCK! Seriously, you have been absolutely brilliant and I am personally very grateful to you.”