Watches of Switzerland

Elevating the sales experience

Watches of Switzerland group felt that in their two key brands (Goldsmith and Mappin & Webb) they were not maximising customer interactions; in essence customers were not receiving a luxury sales experience. Through observation of customer interactions we identified that the customer journey was excellent in terms of a consistent high-quality process but that it felt impersonal and inflexible. The whole interaction needed to be elevated to create a much more luxury experience.


An elevated approach to the customer experience

We worked with the senior Watches of Switzerland Operations and Sales team, internal learning specialists and store teams to develop a new culture and approach to elevating the luxury experience for all store visitors. Taking the excellent foundation of the existing retail process we created a learning toolkit and workshops to enhance and elevate each step of the journey.

All managers and key team members attended a one-day workshop and received and in-store training toolkit including; facilitators guides, bespoke training tools, videos and other digital media. The programme was followed up by field support teams and was reviewed at each of the three key conferences held throughout the year.

Our retail excellence team supported The Watches of Switzerland group to reinforce and reignite key messages at these regular events throughout the year.

As a result of our work, Watches of Switzerland redesigned their Mystery Shopper audits to cover Elevation behaviours rather than process and have continued to use ‘Elevation’ as their USP in the highly competitive jewellery and watch markets.

Impressive sales growth bucking the sector trend

Against a sector trend for consolidation, profit warnings and sales and promotions, both Goldsmiths and Mappin & Webb experienced above target growth and profitability in 2019.

Excellent tracking systems demonstrated that once Elevation was embedded there was a huge uplift in Net Promoter Score to an all-time high 86% across the brand.   

“The introduction of our Elevation programme, launched in partnership with BB&A’s Retail Excellence team has been well received by the Goldsmiths team and has really embedded into our Customer Experience culture. We quickly saw a sharp improvement in our already strong Net Promoter Score and there is no question in my view that this has played a significant part in the financial success of Goldsmiths in last couple of years.”
Craig Bolton, Executive Director, UK (The Watches of Switzerland Group)