Delivering a unique customer experience

Strengthening the customer experience continues to be a priority for Specsavers and they need colleagues in all stores to truly understand how they can deliver a personalised experience for every customer.

A flexible suite of tools

We are working with colleagues at Specsavers to develop a flexible suite of tools to create a consistent understanding of how to make every customer feel good and feel cared for at each stage of their journey.

Each toolkit provides everything the manager/in-store trainer needs to run short, interactive sessions with their teams on the areas that are most important for them in their store.

Alternatively, the toolkits can be used by individuals, with simple, engaging activities to drive their learning or refresh their understanding of what they can do to deliver a personalised, expert and caring service.

“The feedback on the toolkits was really positive … there was a real buzz around them and lots of people said they were the best thing they’d seen at the conference.”