Creating the right environment for safe field service operations

As a rapidly growing global provider of food processing solutions, Marel has a large number of engineers travelling the world to install and maintain its machinery. Their challenge is to ensure the safety of Field Service Engineers wherever they are travelling or working. We created learning tools to engage Field Service Managers and their Engineers in how they can directly influence the safety of their working environments.

Focusing on the why, what and how of safety when working in the field 

At the heart of our approach was a virtual interactive one-day workshop for Field Service Managers to highlight how the decisions they take and the conversations they have can have a direct impact on the health and safety of team members working hundreds of miles away.

The workshop enabled managers to share experiences and understand how they can influence health and safety risks and controls both by influencing decisions within their own business and by influencing the safety expectations at customer sites.

The manager workshop was supported by a digital foundation learning for all Field Service Engineers to bring them all up to a consistent level of understanding of the risks in their work, the controls available to manage those risks and behaviours required to stay safe.

Global roll-out

Feedback from the virtual workshops delivered to Field Service Managers around the world was overwhelmingly positive. All who attended took away practical commitments to change the way they support their teams safety.   

The digital learning is being rolled out as a mandatory requirement for all Field Service Engineers.