A game to understand and manage financial risk

For HSBC Securities Services, it was essential to ensure that the right culture was in place to effectively control financial risk. We developed a Risk Remedies board game to engage teams around the world in understanding how their behaviours influenced risk in the organisation.

Engaging a diverse global audience

With a diverse global audience, the challenge was to create an engagement solution that enabled conversations focused on day-to-day behaviours that were relevant to different teams.

We created a competitive board game that presented a deck of different situations that could result in financial risk. As a first step, players rank the situations on a risk matrix – identifying which are most likely to occur in their team and what the risk impact of each situation is.

They then play with those that are the highest likelihood and have the highest potential impact. Each player being dealt a hand of potential remedies and bidding to match the risk remedy to each situation.

The game has been a global success within HSBC Securities Services and has featured within risk industry publications as an example of risk culture best practice.