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Engaging every employee in your vision and strategy – for the cost of a cup of coffee!

Jane Mitchell
Coffee cup

Is your business prepared to spend the cost of a cup of coffee per employee on ensuring that every person who works there really understands and buys into your organisation’s purpose, vision and strategy?

Strange question isn’t it? A no-brainer? Surely the answer is “yes”?

The reality, however, is that Communications and HR leaders often struggle to secure a budget that equates to £2-3 a head to do just that. Even though their exec team would admit that it’s vitally important employees understand and buy in to where the business is heading.

So, why the reluctance to invest? Well, let’s imagine your executive team has spent hours working together on what your business stands for, what it wants to achieve, and the culture required to achieve it. They’ve considered the marketplace, what the future opportunities for your business are and what experience you want to provide for customers and employees.

They’ve come up with a great statement about your organisation’s purpose, vision and values. They feel exhausted but excited about what they’ve created. They want to share it so that every employee is equally excited!

Over to you then lovely Communications and/or HR colleagues …

You know in your heart that PowerPoint presentations, emails from the CEO and posters in meeting rooms just won’t cut it.

You know what’s really needed is for your employees to have the same opportunities to discuss and explore the opportunities and challenges that your exec team had. However, enabling employees to do that means equipping managers with engaging tools to support them in leading meaningful conversations with their teams.

But, because your exec team has already had the opportunity to have those conversations, do the processing and work out what’s right for the organisation, it’s difficult for them to see why others wouldn’t just ‘get it’ like they already do. They’ve done the thinking, they’ve reached their conclusions. Now we just need to tell everyone what the answer is and it will make total sense … won’t it?

What’s your experience of securing investment in vision and strategy engagement?

At BB&A, we have masses of experience in developing really effective conversation tools to help large organisations engage their people in new strategies, vision and values for far less than the cost of a cup of coffee per employee! Find out more …

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