Shire – Launching a new management information system

Shire are implementing a customised web-based Management Information System (beacon) to enable employees to report on EHS issues, including EHS observations, near misses, incidents, faulty controls etc.

The information captured by beacon turns into easily digestible data to be analysed by Shire’s EHS professionals, providing insights and recommendations to inform ongoing continuous EHS improvements beacon is supporting Shire’s people in working more healthily and safely, ultimately leading to better business performance.

Our job was to help engage all their employees globally to raise awareness about the application and the importance of good EHS management and to help shift the company towards a more sustainable EHS culture.

In order to truly engage people, the campaign had to quickly convey why the company had invested in beacon, how people should use it and what the positive outcomes would look like if people used the it in their day-to-day activities.

This meant working closely with the project team and a cross-section of their leadership team to first of all come up with a name for the system and the look and feel for the campaign to ensure it really reflected their culture.

The campaign solution included a pre-launch teaser and at launch a series of animations for plasma screens; posters, table talkers; and iPad stand.

Feedback on the campaign has been very positive.

What would have normally taken us days to get across to people – with BB&A’s help just took seconds –  thanks to some very powerful messaging and graphics.