AQA – Building a sustainable safety culture at AQA

At the end of 2017, AQA teamed up with BB&A to develop a bespoke training package with the aim of building a more sustainable health and safety culture at AQA.

Although AQA is a relatively low-risk work environment they still have accidents and near misses/hits. As their HSE Manager stated, “our ultimate aim is to ensure we keep all of our people, whether they are employees, associates or visitors, safe at work”.

Interactive learning solution

Following an initial meeting with AQA’s HSE specialists, we agreed to customise one of BB&A’s templated learning solutions. This would provide AQA with the peace of mind from using a tried and tested solution, and the confidence of knowing that the content was bespoke to AQA.

The solution is an interactive, half-day workshop designed to engage everyone at AQA in the critical role they play in delivering better health and safety performance.

The workshop involves participants working in small groups to undertake highly engaging discussion-based exercises including:

  • Why health and safety matters – to you and your family, your team and AQA and to customers and other stakeholders
  • A day at AQA – understanding typical health and safety incidents, the implications and what is the right thing to do
  • Risk and you – understanding what risk means and how this influences our attitudes and behaviours
  • Moving forward – a review of what we do well and what we can improve from both an individual and team perspective.

This ‘active learning’ approach means less focus on listening to theory and trying to apply it, and a greater focus on a more immersive approach, exploring and discovering content and discussing solutions and actions together.


Feedback on the workshop has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is what some of the participants said:

“Great group discussions around some superb handouts/resources…”

“Very helpful to learn how to understand and evaluate risks of myself and my colleagues, understand the importance of health and wellbeing at work, the implications of negligence, and the importance of maintaining safe practices whilst at workplace.”

I will… “encourage colleagues to attend this course in future and participate in raising awareness, assess risks and hazards and ensure that I adopt a safe approach whilst at workplace and also at home.”