GETINVOLVED is BB&A’s unique, award-winning, tried and tested approach to making change positive and effective. It enables you and your managers to engage your people in your challenge – helping them to understand change and act upon it.

A learning-based approach, it involves and engages participants to deepen their understanding rather than simply spoon-feeding them other people’s conclusions. As a result, they feel greater ownership and responsibility for the change and, importantly, making it happen.

Our tools include learning maps, jigsaws, board games, cards, stickers and workbooks as well as e-learning and other digital solutions.

The approach is both flexible and versatile, working across a variety of channels and environments, both on and off-site.

Whether face-to-face or digital, we create solutions that deliver real business impact.

Find out how it works

How it works

Regardless of format, our solutions enable people to discover for themselves through active learning.

GETINVOLVED™, unlike ‘death by PowerPoint’, enables people to:

  • Discover relevant topics
  • Complete meaningful activities
  • Answer pertinent and often difficult questions
  • Share stories
  • Draw their own conclusions
  • Agree appropriate local actions within the parameters of the wider organisational goals

Why it is so effective

All of our solutions are easy to understand and use. They have been designed to be simple to facilitate by your managers and fun, involving and motivating for participants. They help people to move beyond basic awareness to actual understanding, commitment and, importantly, action.

This combination makes them a cost-effective way to deliver real, lasting change.

Quick and effective

Our tools are designed to be run by your managers because we believe this places the ownership of the issue within your organisation. The key messages are delivered by those people your employees most like to receive information from – their immediate manager. This helps to secure buy-in and ensures ownership and responsibility for change lies with your people.


We’ve seen our solutions work, so we know just how impactful and effective they can be. Click here to find out what others say about our approach.