Anglo American

“There is one agency that I’d strongly recommend and which I have used for several safety, SD and risk management behavioural campaigns. They are a small outfit with two senior guys who are very hands-on but they also have very good design capability.”

Anne McCormack, Head of Internal Communications, Anglo American


“I’ve found BB&A a joy to work with. With some agencies you can spend too much valuable time getting them up to speed. The guys at BB&A have the ability to take on board complex information, process it and start coming up with original creative solutions. They’ve certainly produced some excellent work for me which is receiving high praise and good results.”

Chris Day, Communications & Engagement

Royal Mail

“The BB&A team has produced some powerful involvement tools for the Royal Mail communications team over the last four years. They’ve always produced effective interventions for us which our managers have found easy to use, our people have appreciated and which have delivered our business objectives. They’ve brought a level of insightfulness and professionalism which is not only appreciated by the communications team but also our stakeholders. What’s more, they’ve been fun to work with!”

Jason Clarke, Head of Change Communications & Involvement

British American Tobacco – The BAT Way engagement programme

“This is definitely the best tool for strategy communication that I’ve ever seen in BAT. We are still using these materials in our training. Really well done and a big thank you to you and your team for this!”

Svetlana Blazhnova, Head of Talent & Organisational Effectiveness, British American Tobacco

Anglo American – Transportation safety leadership engagement programme

“We have been hugely impressed by the ability of BB&A to produce material on transportation safety which is pertinent to the key messages we want to embed, whilst making it a fun and participative process for participants.

Our feedback confirms that for both leadership and employees/contractors the engagement process allowed them to develop important insights into the subject as a team. The most important outcome for us is that they then develop and implement action plans to address gaps in their current approach, and everyone in the group has a commitment to the outcome based on their participation.

The product is low-cost to roll out in that no special training for those leading the process, particularly line management in our instances, is required.

BB&A thoroughly deserve the accolades they are receiving.”

Dorian Emmett, Head of Safety and Sustainable Development

“Your plan took an issue that employees were complacent about and created some urgency about it. Your understanding of how this initiative needed to fit in with other programs and be sustainable over the long term served to increase engagement and uptake. Program flexibility allowed site managers to own and lead the initiatives and be accountable for the results.”

Entry feedback: IABC 2011 Gold Quill Awards, Global Class Winner

BP – Introducing the new Safety & Operational Risk Organisation

“I wanted to let you know that we used the “S+OR organisation puzzle” and the accompanying film and posters with great success in a Network meeting last week. Furthermore, I heard many praises for this session from Site based colleagues who told me that now they finally understand more about how S+OR works.”

Manager, Safety & Operational Risk 

BP – Introducing BP’s new Operating Management System (OMS)

“I am working with the UK FVC LT on the engagement of our organisation relating to OMS. I stumbled across ‘OMS in a box’ and used it at one of our team meetings. It was a revelation. Can you please advise me on how I get my hands on a supply to enable the extended teams in our organisation to share the experience?”

Manager, UK Fuels Value Chain

Carphone Warehouse – Think Instinct

“The process stimulated detailed debate and kicked off a process that now generates very valuable ideas from all levels in the organisation on a weekly basis. I would use this approach again in the future to both engage an audience and to generate ideas.”

Jim Alsop, Operations Director

Anglo American: Transportation safety frontline engagement programme

  • In just three months, 41,456 people have been involved in at least one stage of the materials
  • Transportation related incidents have reduced by 50% in 2011, compared to the previous year
  • In the last four months of 2011, there were as few as three transportation-related incidents, compared to 23 in the equivalent time period the previous year

“The quality of the materials is excellent. People at all levels are able to use the tools and understanding and learning has increased. Every employee is a facilitator and multiplier for the message.”

Enio Nogueria, General Manager, Logos Engineering, Minas Rio, Brazil

HM Internal Revenue: Implementing Vision & Values

“The innovative and ingenious approach which the agency adopted, together with theirreal understanding of our business, has played a tremendous part in getting the Core Purpose understood and accepted in all parts of the Department.”

Sir Nick Monatgue, Chairman 

BP: Introducing two new Group Defined Practices

“The materials really worked and almost facilitated themselves. It was fun as well. The delegates all gave really good feedback, both for the session overall and particularly the materials.”

David White, Principal Consultant, Oil Spill Response Limited, BP Group Crisis & Continuity Management