Anglo American

Zero Harm safety culture

Developing the right attitudes and behaviours was key to the success of Anglo American’s ambition to reduce transport-related safety issues to zero. We worked with them to develop a top-to-bottom behaviour change programme to address a gap in transportation safety performance.

Behaviour change for all

We worked with the Safety Communications team to develop a behaviour change programme to engage General Managers, their leadership teams, and ultimately front-line staff, in the behaviours required to achieve a Zero Harm working environment.

At the heart of the solution was a self-directed interactive workshop for leaders, which included activities to help them understand what’s going wrong, differing attitudes to risk and why incidents happen.

The workshop helped them to understand what good safety leadership means in practice. Leaders then took part in a virtual site tour before applying the learning to their own site.

In a follow-up session, site leadership teams used a self-assessment and planning tool to rate their current safety performance and plan relevant actions. 
Following completion of the programme, leaders were provided with tools to engage their front-line colleagues.

Significant decrease in safety incidents

The outcome was a significant decrease in high potential risk and lost time incidents related to transportation. Over 83% of leaders who attended the workshops agreed it had enabled them to consider why transportation safety was important.


The engagement programme was awarded the IABC Gold Quill Award for Communication Management and the Institute of Internal Communications (IOIC) Global Communication and Engagement award.

“Transportation safety is at the forefront of people's minds and the engagement tools provided have enabled teams, working in a wide range of physical and cultural contexts, to improve local transportation safety management plans and better manage the associated risks. Crucially, this programme has and is saving lives.”
Communications Manager, Safety and Sustainable Development