Turning principles into behaviours

Following the successful launch of their new vision, strategy, and Guiding Principles, we helped to ensure that the Guiding Principles became much more than just a set of words. Our ‘What’s your story?’ campaign helped to successfully influence day-to-day behaviours at Head Office.

‘What’s Your Story?’ campaign

The campaign encouraged employees to think about real situations and examples of where they had seen the Guiding Principles in practice.

The campaign began with a number of large graphic installations in the high-footfall lift areas and was accompanied by a voting ballot box that invited people to answer different questions about the Guiding Principles over the course of a week, while waiting for their order in the coffee shop.

This was followed by an engagement day held in the coffee lounge. Members of the HR team hosted an exhibition stand and encouraged people to share their stories and have their photograph taken with a board representing the particular Guiding Principle featured in their story.

Employees were given their photographs to display on their desks and permanent environment displays featuring a number of the stories were displayed around the building.

Over 100 stories gathered

Over 100 stories were collected during the course of the engagement day and many Head Office employees reported that they now had a clearer understanding of the relevance of the Guiding Principles.