Department for Work and Pensions

Transforming behaviours

Having undergone a significant transformation, a key area within the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was looking for help to re-energise their team around a common understanding of their purpose. We worked with a team of colleagues to co-create a cultural engagement approach.

Developed by the team, for the team

We worked with a team of colleagues from across the organisation, ‘Wayfinders’, to define the function’s vision, purpose, values and desired ways of working. By designing and delivering four highly interactive workshops, we enabled the team to explore what their function was trying to achieve and how they needed to adapt behaviours to work in the most effective way.

The values and behaviours they developed were shared with the senior leadership team and launched at a highly energising and involving all-staff event where employees were able to explore typical workday scenarios and agree on the right behaviours required.

Following the event, team conversation toolkits were provided to ensure the values and behaviours were truly embedded in the culture of the organisation.

Wayfinders leading the roll-out charge

The project has resulted in a concise and inspiring statement of the desired culture and ways of working to improve performance.

The function now has: an engaged co-creation team, enthused to act as ambassadors for roll-out; staff who recognise the need for and buy-in to positive change; and a comprehensive embedding programme that incorporates threading the values and behaviours through induction, training and performance reviews.

“This is exactly what we need and it’s great the way our own group created it for us.”

“I feel positive about the new direction we are going in.”

“An engaging process, bringing people together and getting them to bond around the core values.”

“The best event I have ever attended.”