Speak up, listen up, follow up

Rolls-Royce have a clear code of conduct that everyone is expected to follow and stand up for. Key to the success of the code is ensuring that everyone feels confident and able to speak up when things are not quite right. We developed a behavioural nudge campaign to ensure everyone played their part in creating the right environment for speaking up.

Nudging the right behaviours

Following conversations with key ethics and union stakeholders, we identified that a key blocker to people speaking up was concern that they were not being listened to when they did. We developed an animation-based campaign focused on encouraging managers to create the right environment for speaking up, by ensuring they ‘listened up’ and ‘followed up’ when team members raised issues with them.

The campaign was supported by an interactive managers’ guide to different speak up channels and ideas on how to create more of a speak up culture in their own areas.

Messages that went viral

The campaign successfully drip fed out into the business over a number of weeks, creating conversations at all levels of the business.