Anglo American

Making the environment matter

Anglo American wanted to demonstrate environmental leadership by creating a commitment from leaders to deliver against ambitious targets for water, energy and emissions. We created a simple and compelling environmental narrative that was delivered through conversation tools and a communications campaign.

A simple and compelling narrative

Achieving the environmental commitment would require a shift in attitudes and behaviours with regard to environmental goals.

The narrative we developed made clear how the ‘dry stuff’ such as policies and standards are key to improving the organisation’s environmental performance.

In order to communicate the ‘Environment Matters’ narrative and business case, we created conversation tools for managers to explore the key environmental challenges and opportunities faced by the organisation. This was supported by a communications campaign including animations, banners and talking points.

Total savings of $180m

The tools were translated into Spanish and Portuguese and were very well received across the organisation.

They had a significant impact on Anglo American’s performance on water, energy and greenhouse gases, with total savings of $180m.