Leading growth in difficult times

HSBC Securities Services (HSS) division’s global leadership team needed to work together on developing the right leadership behaviours for taking difficult and bold decisions that would deliver continued growth. We developed a leadership conference agenda and content to really challenge how they were leading the business.

Solving challenges while trying out new behaviours

The interactive conference focused participants on their own leadership approach whilst they solved some big strategic challenges faced by HSS.

A combination of input, reflection and ‘trying stuff out’ provided an opportunity for participants to understand what authentic leadership skills were required to be successful in a challenging business environment. These skills were put to the test on dilemma-based simulation activities that enabled teams to make tricky decisions, then work out the best approach to engage others in the decisions they had made.

100% of participants agreed to adapt their leadership approach

All participants strongly agreed the meeting was a worthwhile use of their time and to adapt their leadership approach as a result of the conference.

“Having worked for a number of our competitors, I have never experienced the level or quality of leadership or commitment than what I experienced these last 2 days.”

“The best leadership conference I have attended in my career. Great organisation. Great agenda.”