Launching a new EHS management information system ‘beacon’

Effectively managing Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is integral to success for this global pharmaceutical company. We helped engage 28,000 employees globally in using the system, helping to shift the company towards a more sustainable EHS culture.

An engaging communication campaign

In order to truly engage people, the campaign had to quickly convey why the company had invested in beacon, how people should use it and what the positive outcomes would look like if people used it in their day-to-day activities.

This meant working closely with the project team to come up with an engaging name for the system and a look and feel for the campaign that ensured it really reflected their culture.

The solution included a pre-launch teaser campaign and, at launch, a series of animations, posters, table talkers and iPad stands. Following the initial roll-out we worked with Takeda to launch the Beacon IS around the world, translating the core Beacon materials in seven languages.

Statistics that we are proud of include:

The number of system users grew from 70 to 28,000+

150% increase in number of events reported, from 2,800 to 6,900 events

1,040% increase in number of investigations, from 190 to 2,160

“The BB&A team has been wonderful to work with! They always bring a wealth of expertise, creativity and project management skills to every project. They really excel at translating complex topics into crisp and easy to understand messages. BB&A has been our partner on multiple projects and all of the materials and tools produced as well as communications strategy and planning have always surpassed our expectations. With BB&A's help, what would normally have taken us days to get across to people took just seconds, thanks to some very powerful messaging and graphics.”