Carphone Warehouse

Inspiring leaders to drive the debate

As Carphone Warehouse matured from ‘cheeky’ upstart to one of the big players in its marketplace we helped them meet the changing demands of customers and employees to stay ahead of the game.

Leading the way

We were asked to engage 200 senior managers at a leadership conference and provide them with the means to engage their teams back at a local level.

We created an inspiring one-day event covering current performance; the vision for the future and the strategies to make that vision reality.

Participants worked with interactive tools to encourage debate around the challenges and opportunities facing the business and to encourage ideas for improvement.

They presented their ideas to business leaders who gave instant feedback with the best ones being recognised and rewarded and an instant decision made to implement them.

Senior managers attending were provided with a toolkit to subsequently engage their teams in the same challenges and to capture ideas from people across the business.

“BB&A were creative, thought-provoking and added significant value to the ongoing change process.”
HR Director