Get IT

A major restructure of Specsavers IT department to ensure the business was receiving the best IT service to support its specialist needs, would only be successful if employees understood why the changes were happening and their role in the new IT world.

Getting in shape to better support the business

The restructure was supported by new processes and greater clarity on the roles and behaviours required of IT colleagues. In particular, there was a focus on empowering colleagues to make decisions without always involving senior managers.

Dilemma-based board game

We worked with Specsavers to design a suite of workshop tools that would bring the changes to the structure and ways of working to life and help IT employees think about the behaviour changes expected from themselves and their colleagues.

Our solution was based on a board game style simulation that challenged employees to consider the right way to react in a number of scenarios. As teams travelled around the board, they discussed and solved a series of real-life IT dilemmas in order to win or lose points.


The gamification delivered results

The gamification of the engagement approach really appealed to the IT audience, resulting in every member of the Specsavers IT team attending the ‘Get IT’ workshops and giving very high feedback scores for the approach.