Morgan Sindall Construction

Ensuring everyone is 100% Safe

Morgan Sindall has a vision to ensure everyone who works for them is 100% Safe. We are supporting their construction business in engaging employees and contractors across all their sites in understanding what that means for them.

Faced with the challenge of a diverse work force, made up of numerous different contractors and sub-contractors, Morgan Sindall Construction needed to ensure everyone who works on their sites understands what they need to do to keep themselves and colleagues 100% Safe.

We developed a narrative and animation to engage everyone in the 100% Safe vision. 

A key audience for Morgan Sindall is their black hat supervisors who look after the day-to-day delivery of work on sites. We are developing deeper dive digital learning tools for those supervisors to explore their role in ensuring teams are 100% Safe and equip them with tools and skills they need to create a 100% Safe working environment on site.