Engaging leaders in the five-year business strategy

Following a period of transformation post acquisition, it was time for Jelf to focus firmly on the future as one united brand and launch their new five-year business strategy to the business.

A class-leading strategy

We worked with the Executive team to refine the strategy and then develop a suite of materials to bring it to life and enable people to explore the ‘meaning for me’.

The materials were used to power conversations at an intensive event reaching 300 leaders over three days. An animation introduced the story of the strategy before leaders used interactive materials to explore, in detail, the case for change, what the future will hold if we get it right, plus scenarios and dilemmas to help explore what’s the right thing to do if we’re living by our values. An action planner helped them to map out the first six months.

Leading by example

The leaders’ events equipped them to deliver similar engagement sessions with their own teams using a toolkit version of the same.

Thirty regional sessions were held over a two-month period, with positive feedback from participants who felt more engaged in the strategy and understood the implications for what they needed to do differently.

“Great materials, I liked the method of interaction with colleagues and a great mix between discussion and presentation. It made me feel proud to work for Jelf.”