Embedding electrical safety behaviours

Aggreko has a strong safety culture and, with employees and contractors working with energy every day – often in remote locations in challenging conditions – they wanted to refocus everyone’s attention on their Energy Safety Rules and what their Working with Energy Safety Standard means in day-to-day work.

The team leaders in the organisation play a key role in reaching and influencing the front line, so we developed a toolkit to support them in leading engaging and reflective conversations with their teams on electrical safety:

  • fictional audio stories, featuring a cast of characters impacted by electrical safety incidents, were a powerful reminder of the often over-looked consequences of an accident
  • an animation focused on the reasons why people don’t always follow the Rules and the more powerful reasons why they should


  • an online questionnaire prompted individuals to reflect on their own electrical safety behaviours
  • visual stories and dilemmas stimulated conversations on the team’s electrical safety strengths and weaknesses and what behaviours they needed to change.

The toolkit also included a digital guide to support team leaders in tuning in to electrical safety risks and controls, questions to ask their teams and tips for talking safety with their teams.