Devotion to safety in the maritime industry

Shell leads on the development of regional conferences to engage and educate its shipping partner CEOs and owners in maritime safety and health-related topics.

In 2018 and 2019, we supported Shell to develop interactive and engaging conference sessions that really opened participants’ eyes to observing safety differently.

Bringing safety issues to life

Shell and its maritime contractors formed ‘Partners in Safety’, a powerful coalition to tackle common maritime safety challenges.

Shell needed help with a different, more engaging approach to the regional conferences they led for the coalition. We took their content and applied our active learning approach to create sessions that enabled in-depth discussions, learning and ideas for action.

CEOs in partner network engaged and committed to safety

The ‘Partners in Safety’ programme is part of Shell’s ongoing commitment to safety in the maritime sector and the conferences provide an opportunity to engage, educate and commit to action for the most senior leaders in their shipping network.

Through its dedication to improving safety performance, the ‘Partners in Safety’ programme has seen a dramatic decline in the number of serious or potentially serious incidents from one every seven days to one every 43 days.