Developing Crew training

Drinkaware are training crew to help create a positive social atmosphere at venues and festivals and to help people who may be vulnerable due to alcohol.

Workshops to support vulnerable people

We supported them in developing an interactive training package that they could scale up to meet growing demand around the country. The workshops were created to train crew who worked in a variety of different alcohol related environments, including clubs, festivals and on the street. Materials were designed to engage a diverse demographic audience in what to do and what not to do in their role, and importantly, how to stay safe themselves while working.

We combined role play, conversation, video and team challenges to create an interactive and fast paced session.

The solution we created means that the workshops are easily scalable. Trainers can pick up the package and easily deliver it using the facilitation guide and package of learning materials. Enabling quick roll out of the training to a range of locations at the same time.