Creating a culture of healthy high performance

Rolls-Royce has a strong wellbeing strategy that is focused on creating a working environment where everyone can be at their best. We have supported them by developing and engaging leaders and employees in a range of wellbeing tools and initiatives that are helping Rolls-Royce to foster a culture of healthy high performance across the business.

From equipping mental health champions to enabling LiveWell accreditation

Improving wellbeing relies on being able to engage individuals in changing their own behaviours. We have supported Rolls-Royce with engaging employees in behaviour change through a number of different elements of their wellbeing strategy. Our work with them includes:

  • developing conversation and resource toolkits for mental health champions and creating mental health awareness tools
  • designing a structure and approach for team stress audits and action planning
  • developing a wellbeing intranet site
  • creating a healthy high performance e-learning programme
  • supporting the global wellbeing team with reviewing their LiveWell site accreditation programme
  • developing creative assets to support world mental health days.

Global roll-out

Rolls-Royce are rolling out the team workshops on a business-by-business basis to support the ongoing progress on its journey to zero harm.