Building leaders’ confidence to do great safety walks

Safety walks are a fundamental activity in Rolls-Royce’s approach to creating a high reliability safety culture. We helped ensure that leaders made the most of the safety walks they undertook.

Rolls-Royce had an established safety walks programme, but leaders felt that they were not making the most of the opportunities they had to engage with the frontline on safety issues.

We worked with Rolls-Royce to develop a simple pocket guide that focused on the key hazards leaders should be aware of and simplified the control standards into the essentials they needed to know. Providing questions and prompts for them to have meaningful and natural conversations with operators to understand safety challenges and concerns and identify areas for improvement.

The guide helped to (turbo) boost leader’s confidence when undertaking their safety walks, helping to turn what is sometimes a tricky task into an easy and rewarding activity for them to do.