Building business-wide understanding of environmental sustainability

To drive environmental excellence, deliver their environmental goals and make the most of environmental sustainability opportunities,  BAT needs everyone in the company to understand how they can contribute.

Sustainability is at the heart of BAT’s strategy to build A Better Tomorrow. The company has set ambitious environmental targets – including carbon neutrality across its value chain by 2050 – and is developing innovative ideas and solutions for an environmentally sustainable world.

We worked with their Group HSE team to develop a digital learning programme to be rolled out company-wide to ensure employees have a common understanding of what environmental sustainability means in practice and why it’s important; BAT’s environmental targets and how they will achieve them; and how everyone can contribute.

The digital programme was modular, enabling employees to access focused chunks of learning at times to suit them, while still providing the context and ‘big picture’ of the overall story. A blend of videos, animations, infographics and quizzes enhanced the user’s experience, whether they were completing the programme on their mobile or desktop.