Department for Education

Building a culture of commercial confidence

The Commercial Directorate was undergoing a major transformation programme, requiring a significant shift in attitude and behaviour to become more commercially-savvy, and increased clarity on ways of working. A co-creation team helped to define a vision, purpose, values and behaviours, which were launched at an all-staff event and embedded throughout the Department.

Developed by the team, for the team

We supported the co-creation team to develop the new culture definition, running a series of workshops, providing creative stimulus materials, and collating and refining outputs.

Making it stick

The result was a simple ‘narrative’ outlining ‘who we are, what we do and what we believe in’, combined with definitions of the desired attitudes and behaviours that would support people in making the change.

This story was shared with all 350 people in the team at an all-staff event, with interactive materials giving everyone the opportunity to discuss and explore the desired culture and provide their input and feedback to the final version.

The culture was embedded, with the support of the co-creation team, using a series of engagement tools (including animation, ‘conversation starter’ card decks, posters etc), and an identifier created an easily-recognisable ‘brand’ for everyone to rally behind.

“I’ve been involved in many projects like this over the years and I’ve always been rather sceptical. But I have to say the work of this co-creation team has just blown me away.”
Deputy Director, Department for Education (Commercial)