A different approach to business continuity management

BP wanted to breathe life and energy into its approach to Business Continuity Management (BCM) Training in order to make a significant impact on employees’ levels of understanding, and approach to the issue. We created a business simulation-based approach to help them get under the skin of the BCM challenge.

Advising a fictional business

The aim was to build awareness and understanding of the principles of BCM amongst an audience which were not BCM experts. Our solution focused on the ‘story’ of a fictional business which was on a journey to become more resilient through improving its approach to BCM.

Participants were invited to act as consultants to help the business improve its BCM performance throughout the course.

A durable ‘tabletop display’ was used to drive the content of the workshop – which combined tools such as learning maps, scenarios, cards and puzzles to engage participants in interactive discussion and learning.

A global roll out with far ranging reach

The programme has been rolled across the BP world. 85% rated the learning approach used in the workshop session at 4 or 5 out of 5.

“Being able to work through the Business Continuity Management process within a fictional company was very helpful. Applying the theory within the context of another organisation and seeing how it affects them enables you to relate the process back to your own business, making the application of this process easier.”
BP BCM Training Participant