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1st October – new year’s day for BB&A!

Jane Mitchell

What an amazing 2019-2020 business year we’ve had. And I’m not talking about COVID. I’m talking about delivering over 70 different projects to help people stay safe and well, improve clients’ environmental performance, better manage risks, and improve customer experience.

From complex global digital change projects to local engagement campaigns, we’ve helped maritime staff live their golden rules for safety; protected auction house colleagues when lifting high-value goods; helped engineers safely back to work after COVID-19 lockdowns; trained bar staff to protect vulnerable drunk people; assessed occupational health requirements; supported team leaders to reduce incidents and accidents; enabled leaders to improve team resilience; engaged frontline employees in their personal journeys to zero harm; supported implementation of global management information systems; raised awareness of world environmental issues and hopefully shifted a few personal carbon footprint behaviours along the way.

We’ve conducted safety culture baseline audits, worked with one of the world’s best known fashion houses to create a customer service app, mapped out customer journeys, co-created golden rules for safety, supported the development of accountability frameworks, helped mental health champions tackle stigma in the workplace and developed cut-through messaging, visual identities and design that any full-service London agency would be more than proud of.

We’ve animated, filmed, gamified, digitised, virtualised, co-created, measured, made new friends and, above all, we’ve always delivered.

We’ve only achieved all of this thanks to our amazing clients who put their trust in us time and again. THANK YOU! And our amazing, exceptional, hard-working, creative, good-humoured, client-focused team. THANK YOU! It’s been a blast. Roll on 2020/2021.

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