Virgin Care – Leading The Virgin Care Way

Helping a trusted partner lead the way

Following a decade of helping the NHS and local authorities to join up and improve services for their local communities Virgin Care refreshed its mission to help Everyone Feel the Difference. To help their 6,000 plus colleagues across England deliver this vision day-to-day, they introduced ‘The Virgin Care Way’.

We developed a one-day workshop experience to immerse 300 of the organisation’s people in The Virgin Care Way, equipping them to engage and inspire their teams back in their local areas with what the Virgin Care way meant day-to-day.

An experience to remember

We worked closely with Virgin Care’s team to develop the one-day event, using a variety of active learning techniques and media – including video, puzzles, animation, learning maps and real-life scenarios.

These interactive sessions encouraged people to explore the meaning behind the words to discover what Virgin Care’s purpose, values and behaviours really mean in practice when delivering free-at-the-point-of-need health and care services and equip them to deliver the same messages to their own teams.

Each leader was given a toolkit to support them to deliver face-to-face sessions with their own teams, mirroring the activities on the one day event and providing a robust, cost-effective framework for spreading ‘The Virgin Care Way’ across more than 400 services in England.

Tooled up to keep talking

The events were very well received, with an average feedback score of 4.26/5.

The toolkits are now being used by leaders, giving everyone in the organisation the opportunity to understand the purpose and discuss how they can ‘live’ the values in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.


“Great day, very valuable and enjoyable experience with lots of knowledge and tools to take away and share with my team.”