Specsavers – Turning the spotlight on leadership development

Engaging joint venture partners

As the most successful opticians in the UK, with a market share of over 50%, Specsavers Group (SOG) places a lot of value on its annual opportunity to bring together, update, involve, and motivate its 900 Joint Venture Partners (JVPs) who own and run the optical stores.

In a very competitive market place, these annual events are an essential part of helping business owners stay ahead of the game, share best practice and learn about new developments in the business.

Interactive and engaging events

We worked with Specsavers for four years to design interactive and engaging Spotlight events that enabled JVPs to really challenge themselves and the way they work and to encourage them to consider what they could do differently to get the best from their stores.

Each ‘Spotlight on…’ programme took a different approach and focused on different themes, including: how to be a great leader, developing high-performing teams, delivering service excellence and business planning and control.

Within each session, groups of up to 40 worked through interactive activities including simulations and scenarios within fictional stores to role-play, workbooks, learning maps, creative card decks, inspiration sessions, business models, jigsaws, games, worksheets, stickers and wall planners.

International roll out

Spotlight sessions were run over a number of years in the UK and global markets including Australia, the Netherlands and Nordic regions.

As a result of the success of the ‘Spotlight on…’ programmes, BB&A was also involved in the development of ‘Pathway’ – an eight-day development programme for managers wishing to become JVPs. This is being used around the world for Specsavers Optical, Hearcare and Healthcall businesses.

"My business partner and I were inspired and motivated to move on and sort out our own business plan making it realistic and in line with the current climate of our town. We were given the tools and easily implemented them into practice. Within 6 weeks we have had a 12% growth in sales, increased our number of sight tests per week, increased our conversion by 3%, and increased our sales per dispense by £25."

Store owner