Royal Mail – Transformational Performance Management

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The performance management challenge

We supported Royal Mail through their extensive transformation journey for a number of years. Creating engaging change communication and learning tools for colleagues from across the business.  A key element of Royal Mail’s transformation challenge was the need to embed a new approach to performance management in the professional and support functions.

Modular engagement programme

We created a 2-3 hour modular engagement programme that managers could easily facilitate with their teams to introduce and explore the new approach to performance management.

Using a range of learning-based tools including maps, cards and stickers people discovered how the business was performing and how they could make an impact through the way they manage their own performance. They also discussed and shared ideas on what they can do differently as a team and individually to improve performance.

A performance focused culture

Employees were left with a clearer understanding of what performance management is and why it is important for them and Royal Mail to manage their performance.

Raising the level of awareness and understanding across the Professional and Support Functions has helped to create a more performance focused culture.

"The BB&A team has produced some powerful involvement tools for the Royal Mail communications team over the last four years. They've always produced effective interventions for us which our managers have found easy to use, our people have appreciated and which have delivered our business objectives. They've brought a level of insightfulness and professionalism which is not only appreciated by the communications team but also our stakeholders. What's more they've been fun to work with!"

Head of Change

Communications and Involvement