Monitor – A welcome tour for a new home

Preparing for a change in role

Monitor, the sector regulator for healthcare in England was moving home as part of a wider transformation programme, designed to prepare the organisation for a much broader role in healthcare monitoring.

Starting the strategic conversation

The new offices were designed and configured purposely with new and more effective ways of working in mind that would be required in future. ‘Move-in’ day presented an excellent opportunity to start the conversation about how Monitor needed to operate and what was expected of employees in future.

Working closely with the ‘build’ team at Monitor who were leading the transformation programme, we designed a welcome tour that as well as introducing the new Monitor home, also seeded a number of key messages related to: celebrating the journey so far, the case for change, ways of working and the need to think ‘Patient First’ in every decision taken.

Serious fun

The tour was fun and interactive and set the scene for more serious messages due to be revisited during a wider programme of events planned for later in the year.