Metso – E learning for Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring health and safety is a top priority

For Global engineering and technology business Metso, serving customers in the high risk pulp, paper, mineral processing and energy industries means that occupational Health and Safety is a top priority. Metso’s customers and partners are focusing intensely on safety issues, and so the bar for safety standards is set high.

Metso wanted to make sure that its working environments promoted health and safety and that its equipment was safe to manufacture, to operate and to maintain.

Putting safe behaviours first

Improving the working environment needed to start with people’s behaviours, which meant ensuring all employees had understood and bought into the expected safety standards, policies and behaviours set out by the business.

We created a comprehensive e-learning programme using best practice content and world-class e-learning techniques including animations and videos.

Designed to enable learners to explore their own attitudes to risk and rule breaking; understand Metso’s Health and Safety policy; examine root causes of near-misses; and explore scenarios for everyday working situations, the training focused on key areas that employees could relate to in their day-to-day roles.

To-date, over 20,000 people have experienced the programme and it has been translated into eight languages.

66% reduction in Lost Time Incident Frequency

The built-in reporting system has enabled the Safety Function to track and measure usage and satisfaction. Reports showed that Metso has succeeded in reducing the Loss Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) by 66%.

<em>“This activity really made me think about all the things that can actually cause accidents.”</em> <em>“I am now much more aware about what to look out for and I am clear about what the process is to report any risks that I may see or experience.”</em>