Infiniti – Launching a new automotive brand in Europe

Induction to a brand

After 18 year’s operating exclusively in the US and Japanese markets, Nissan launched its premium brand – ‘Infiniti’ – in Europe.

We worked with Infiniti’s brand agency to create a learning-based approach that was an integral part of a three-day induction event for all European network managers and staff.

Learning-by-doing events

Through a combination of ‘learning by doing’ activities, including interactive workshops, exhibitions and hands-on driving, participants learned all about why Infiniti was launching, about the premium customers they would be targeting, what the Infiniti brand stands for and the customer experience it aims to deliver through its products, services and showroom environments.

As they learned about the brand, they began to shape ideas for how they would bring it to life and deliver a unique experience for customers in the premium marketplace.

INFINITI_Ambassador_2008_129 INFINITI_Ambassador_2008_110 INFINITI_Ambassador_2008_95

Successful brand launch

The brand launched successfully across Europe with all managers and staff being immersed in the brand through the learning-by-doing experience we created.

“Thanks for your excellent concept preparation for our group qualification topics (specific to the automotive industry) and for your cooperation in our multi-national project. I would welcome the opportunity to work together on another project.”

Bengt Krauss

Programme Project Manager