GSK – Global Brand Training

New story, new look and feel = New ways of engaging global communicators

GSK has been on a journey to simplify and strengthen its global brand. Ensuring the brand was represented consistently would rely on communications colleagues around the world understanding the new brand and how to use it.

We designed an interactive training session to immerse communications professionals in the brand narrative and visual identity assets. A one-day face-to-face version and a virtual version of the training meant that all communicators – wherever they were located – were able to explore and understand the brand.

Best of both

At the heart of the course was a large workbook which helped to drive discussions in both versions of the training.

It explored the importance of brand and the progress to-date before introducing the new Visual Identity and Global Narrative.  Active learning, including a pre-work ‘spot the difference’ visual brand quiz, online ‘treasure hunts’ for assets, interactive poster activities, content cards and scenarios bought the brand to life in a pacey and fun session.

Remote audiences completed their version of the workbook offline, before joining a ‘Live Meeting’ webinar where they could share their thoughts and take part in polls and story-sharing opportunities.

One look, one feel, one tone of voice

The sessions have given the communications team the tools and information they need to bring the GSK to life consistently in everything they do. They’ve realised that all of the materials and assets available will help to make their lives easier – saving time, effort and duplication in producing eye-catching communications which have a truly global look, feel and tone of voice.

96% of F2F participants said they liked the course materials ‘very much’

100% of remote participants gave their ability to participate top marks

100% said it increased their understanding of the Narrative and Visual Identity

“The best training session I have ever attended” “I feel more confident and competent to be a brand champion across the teams I work with – the course was pitched perfectly.” “Overall the day was brilliantly structured and facilitated”

Communications Team

UK and France