Gap – Aligning to a shared vision, strategy and values

Creating a consistent customer experience

With more than 100,000 people working in thousands of stores around the world, it is vital that every one of Gap’s employees has a shared understanding of the organisation’s vision, strategy, brand proposition and values in order to deliver a consistent customer experience.


Aligning behind a shared vision and strategy

We supported Gap with the development of a three-day management conference for 2,500 managers from six countries to help align them all behind their role in delivering the company’s vision, strategy and values, and equipping them to onward engage their own teams.

We developed paper-based conversation and learning tools, created in five different languages, to take the managers on a journey of discovery about the company’s history, brand, values and plan for the future. Using combinations of learning maps, cards and stickers, the participants worked through a variety of activities designed to share key content, get them to discuss their ideas and consider their role as leaders in delivering these plans.

Working in their own language in small teams of four to five people, gave everyone the opportunity to be involved and generated a huge amount of debate and actions to drive the company forward.

A major success

The event was a major success. Gap subsequently worked with our consultants to create solutions for two further projects; engaging store managers and employees in a sales performance programme; a programme focused on the importance of compliance with the company’s policies on diversity and inclusion.