Friends Provident – Embedding a new customer ‘experience’

Giving customers a ‘6-star’ experience

Friends Provident were looking to transform the way the company does business, in order to differentiate them in a highly-competitive life and pensions market – and engage their people in what it meant for them.

We worked with them to create a long-term approach to engage managers and employees in the transformation programme that became known as ‘6 Star’.

Defining the experience

The first phase of engagement consisted of a series of interactive, two-day, off-site workshops for senior managers, helped leaders to define the FRIENDS® Experience.

An online learning programme enabled all 4,000 employees to learn more about the brand and the FRIENDS® Experience and gave them an opportunity to provide feedback.

A series of events designed around dialogue materials and involving groups of 60-80 managers and employees also took place to enable them to discuss the FRIENDS® Experience and what they could do to deliver it.

Finally, we created a long-term approach to maintain engagement in the ongoing transformation programme.

A common focus for delivering change

This project provided the business with a common focus and a framework for delivering change across the business. In the FRIENDS® Experience, the business set out a truly differentiated positioning and sharing this with everyone in the business, meant people were engaged with the new concept and, importantly, understood what they could do to deliver it every day.