Deloitte – Strengthening crisis response

Helping trusted advisors strengthen their own crisis response

As key advisor to some of the most successful businesses in the world, it’s vital that Deloitte’s own internal processes are as effective as possible when it comes to the swift and consistent management of a crisis.

Having recently re-issued the firm’s Crisis Management Handbook, the Deloitte Business Security team tasked us with bringing it to life for core team members, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of those involved in crisis response and engaging people in the key processes within the Handbook to really make the messages stick.

Elearning followed by face-to-face scenario-based session

Before attending a face-to-face session, all participants went through an elearning course which took each of the core chapters of the handbook – completed in user-driven order and presented it in an interactive way. The course combined multiple-choice, ‘drag and drops’, scenarios and dilemmas to help users test their learning in different ways.

The F2F workshop session focused on the Incident Response Team, using scenarios to enable people to debate the escalation process and to work through the desired phases of a structured Deloitte incident response meeting.

Valuable preparation

The elearning has helped to embed the contents of the Handbook and provided valuable preparation work prior to the F2F session.  The response to the face-to-face sessions has been fantastic, with over 96% of participants liking the learning approach ‘very much’.

“The feedback from the sessions you ran for us was great, and definitely a positive experience for our people. Thank you for all your input in making them so interactive and enjoyable.”


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