Carphone Warehouse – Think instinct – getting back to basics

With rapid growth comes different challenges

In the beginning, Carphone Warehouse was a ‘cheeky’ upstart challenging the establishment. As the business enjoyed rapid growth and expansion, they realised customers were becoming more demanding, employees wanted more structure and clear career paths and the City was looking at every part of their strategy.

We developed an approach to engage the top 200 senior managers in the need to re-focus the brand on the fundamentals of the business in order to stay ahead of the game and then to provide them with the means with which to engage their teams back in the workplace.

A swift response with an inspiring solution

In just five weeks, we created an inspiring one-day event where leaders explained to senior managers how the business was performing; the vision for the future and the strategies it would take for this vision to become reality.

People then worked through a series of interactive working sessions, encouraging debate around the challenges and opportunities facing the business and to exploring ideas for improvement. Leaders gave feedback on the ideas with the best ones being recognised and rewarded and an instant decision made to implement them.

Finally, the managers attending were provided with tools with which to engage their teams in the same challenges and to capture ideas from people across the business.

A hotbed of ideas, ready for implementation

The programme ensured that everybody had the opportunity to not only understand what the changes to the business were, but crucially were provided with the opportunity to contribute with their ideas and in many cases see these ideas implemented.


“The team brought us a combination of sound expertise and experience in an area where we had little internal capability. They married sound practical advice to creative thinking to help us deliver a great piece of employee engagement and were also able to consider the big picture we were trying to paint but not at the expense of delivery.”

Jim Alsop

Operations Director