British Gas – Safety First for frontline staff

Taking the message to the frontline

The MD of British Gas has set the business a challenge – to reduce Health and Safety incident rates – in line with its business goal of ‘Safety First’.  Key to success is the British Gas Behaviour Programme which began rolling out to all 27,000 employees in 2010. Our consultants were brought in by an existing communications partner – who’d been working with the leadership team – to take the message to the frontline.

Reaching different audiences in different ways

We created tools for a range of different audiences – office staff, installers and field engineers – to increase their understanding of the issues and to explore what actions they could take to make change happen. These had to be tools which could reach large numbers of people for relatively low cost.

Exploring scenarios to spot areas of improvement

We created an ‘Improving Safety Performance’ workshop which explored what could be done differently to prevent incidents.  We developed three highly-visual learning maps showing typical scenes facing staff every day. Participants talked through the scenarios, exploring, for example, what they could start, stop and continue doing to make a difference in each situation.

“Everyone is delighted with what has been achieved with the pilot – people are seeing and hearing about significant changes that are starting to take shape. Thanks for all your help and input – it has been invaluable in achieving the success to-date.”

Programme sponsor