BP – Oil Spill Response Techniques

Technical training for oil spill responders

BP is committed to strengthening its approach to safety and risk management around the world. Having updated and rolled out a Group Defined Practice for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response, BP wanted to offer more detailed oil spill training.

We developed an active-learning programme to provide the global Mutual Response Team with an increased understanding of oil spill response strategies, exploring how and when different response techniques are used.

Scenario-based solution to explore an incident

The 1.5 day training programme was driven by interactive scenarios that immersed participants in activities reflecting the issues and challenges of an incident.

Each stage of a response strategy was brought to life using a variety of learning techniques and different media (including cards, photos, sketches, maps, posters and videos). Participants worked through materials to develop their response strategy and identify relevant response techniques as the scenario evolved.

An accredited course offering more in less time

100% of participants have scored the programme 4 or 5 out of 5.  It has already been run in 17 locations and with over 300 people.

This IMO Level 2 Course has also been accredited by The Nautical Institute and Maritime & Coastguard Agency.

We are continuing to work with BP to tailor the programme to extend its reach and engage different audiences and business functions within BP.