Anglo American – A step-change in risk mindset

Managing risk effectively

For multinational mining company Anglo American, effectively managing risk is integral to delivering good business performance. So, it was essential that the introduction of a new risk management standard was understood and applied consistently across the whole organisation.

The success of the new standard would require a step-change in mindset and attitude, as well as the use of new risk management processes and techniques.

A risk management game

We supported the successful introduction of the new standard by developing a package of communication and engagement materials focused on creating a consistent understanding of what risk management is, the benefits it brings and what people needed to do differently.

At the heart of the solution was a Risk Manager board game that enabled participants to play out real risk management scenarios and make decisions about how and where to invest in the business to most effectively mitigate risks.  The core learning from the game was the benefit of taking a more integrated approach to risk management.

Over 3,000 managers around the world

The flexible format of the game meant it could be used at conferences, workshops and team meetings so reaching over 3,000 managers around the world.

The interactive and engaging approach to the usually ‘dry’ subject of risk has resulted in a significant increase in managers implementing the Group Standards on Integrated Risk Management.