Anglo American – Eureka! Building social intranet awareness and adoption

Introducing a new social intranet

How do you ensure employees get the most benefit from your new social intranet?

That was the challenge we helped Anglo American to solve when they launched their new intranet platform Eureka!

The new intranet included much of the social networking features and functionality found on popular websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, the Anglo American team recognised that for employees to get the most out of the new platform they would need to educate and involve them in how Eureka! could improve their working life and in turn, deliver improved productivity across the business.

Raising awareness and understanding what it means for me

We developed an approach to meet two key objectives; raise awareness that Eureka! was coming, and engage employees with how the Eureka! features and functionality could help them day-to-day.

The awareness campaign included a suite of bold and high-impact environment displays, posters advertising the range of benefits, ‘table-talker’ displays, intranet banners and a pack of ‘how-to’ cards to help employees get started.

To engage employees and prompt them to think about how Eureka! could help them work differently, we designed a workshop with a suite of learning maps written from the perspective of three different Anglo American employees. The learning maps enabled participants to explore the case for change – why Eureka, Eureka’s features and functionality and how Eureka can change the way they work.

Quick take up of Eureka!

As a result of the workshops, employees around the world quickly joined Eureka! finding out how it can help them work more efficiently, sharing best practice, and networking with each other.