ADP – Working together better

Working together better

Working together better, in order to get stuff done more effectively, was the key challenge flagged up by ADP’s employee engagement survey.

Employees at the integrated computing solutions provider were also keen to have more opportunities for dialogue with managers and leaders.

Interactive cross business engagement

We worked with ADP’s Action Learning team to create an interactive cross-business engagement session that explored the underlying barriers and enablers of greater collaboration. It also, identified practical actions to enable colleagues from different departments and functions to work together more effectively.

The starting point of the conversation was understanding how each area of the business contributed to delivering value for customers.  Then discovering which areas of the organisation needed to work together more effectively to improve the customer offer and experience.

The right tools and behaviours

The outcome was a greater understanding of how each part of the organisation contributed to the success of the whole business and agreement on the collaboration tools, processes and behaviours required to ensure more effective working together in the future.